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This Internet presentation is not only the official web page of Direction.cz, but it is also a demonstration of our skills and acquirements. The source code is valid XHTML Strict code, the content is text-based browsers friendly and the structure respects the rules of SEO.

The designer and application programmer of this presentation is Vratislav Cermak, for the main graphical element was used the photography of David Braunstein.

The content of the server Direction.cz - at the address www.direction.cz and related addresses - is the property of the firm Vratislav Cermak - Direct and is protected by the copyright and related laws. It is forbidden to distribute any material from this server, publish it into the electronic bulletins, discussion boards or mailing lists without the (e-mail) permission of the owner of this website. The firm Vratislav Cermak - Direct is not responsible for the correctness, consistency and topicality of the server Direction.cz content. Every user is using server Direction.cz at one's own risk. The firm Vratislav Cermak - Direct is not responsible for any direct or indirect claims accrued by using this internet server.

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© Direction.cz, 2005, All rights reserved.


© Direction.cz, 2005 - All rights reserved, more about our internet presentation
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